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The IB Mathematics AA HL exam is an important test for most IB Diploma students. According to the IB Board, students who do HL in Mathematics Exceptional performance at the university.

However, this consistency of good performance is related to how well you prepare for your IB Maths HL exams.

If you find yourself stuck in any study methods, tips and tricks, read on. This is a complete guide to prepare and follow your IB Math AA HL exams.

Study regularly before the exam.

Avoid skipping study time until the last minute before the exam. This puts a lot of pressure on you, forcing you to resort to bad reading habits like crushing. Instead, set aside adequate time each day to focus on your studies and preparation for your IB Maths AA HL exams.

Start this study routine as soon as possible, preferably a few months before the exam. This will give you plenty of time to study and seek help in troubled areas. In addition, you will have extra time for activities of your choice, such as socializing, sports, family time, and other hobbies.

With this schedule, you can achieve a perfect balance between your academic life and social life, avoiding burns.

Get into study mode.

Start by removing all the distractions that make your study time ineffective. If your phone is the main source of your distraction, keep it away or turn off notifications for text messages and social media.

Sometimes, even your pets, friends or family can be a nuisance. Consider removing them from your study area for more attention.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, find ways to immerse yourself in the study mode. For example, you can use a timer to indicate how long you will focus on your studies. Once the timer is off, you can engage in other things.

Other ways to get into reading mode include walking for 30 minutes, turning on the study lamp, or playing non-stop music before starting your studies.

Finally, train your brain to do this regularly and turn it into a reading habit.

Review your notes regularly.

Even sharp-witted people often need to revise their notes to remember them. Make sure you prepare comprehensive notes whenever you attend lectures or classes.

If you get stuck in a problem or have trouble understanding some ideas, review them and get help from your peers.

Your notes can help you identify important parts of the exam and prepare better for it.

Make an internal assessment.

Try to do as many internal reviews as possible with the goal of getting maximum marks for each one. There are two advantages to this approach. One, you better prepare for the exams. Second, if the paper doesn’t go well, you have to bank your AA scores to improve your overall grade.

Keep an eye on the quality of the markings when you do these in-house reviews. Understanding them will help you improve how you answer questions and better prepare for the exam.

Use online resources.

If you are having trouble preparing for your IB Maths AA HL exams, consider taking a look at the large pool of online resources available. Platforms such as Review village You have a vast pool of IB math resources that you can use to prepare and increase your chances of scoring 7 in your final paper.

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