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10 Best Food Restaurants In San Francisco

If you’re looking to eat out in San Francisco, then you’ve probably already heard of a few of the best restaurants in the city. You may not realize that there are dozens of excellent restaurants in the city, not to mention the dozens of great restaurants that are outside of it. For example, a restaurant serves authentic Italian food and has become known for their delicious Chicken Marsala dish, the perfect complement to their garlic bread and tiramisu dessert.

Mister Jiu’s

Opened in 2012, Mister Jiu’s is a must for fans of Chinese food. Located on Washington Street, it offers dim sum and traditional Cantonese cuisine served by waiters wearing classic cheongsam dresses. Among its favorite dishes are stir-fried Peking duck with yuenyeung rice wine and Peking pork dumplings with red bean paste. If you’re looking for traditional Sichuan food in San Francisco, then Head to Hunan Restaurant. Tucked away inside Chinatown Center on Jackson Street, Hunan serves up hot pots, seafood soup noodles, and dry pot dishes that have become favorites among locals.

Liholiho Yacht Club

Located at 151 Steuart Street, Liholiho Yacht Club may be small and a bit off-the-beaten-path, but that just means that it’s a great place to grab food. Small plates are always fun to share, and Liholiho Yacht Club has dozens of fun options. Their wine list is also excellent. If you want to grab dinner out in San Francisco with friends or family, then Liholiho Yacht Club is a great choice for any occasion. Hapa SF: Hapa SF is located at 2534 Mission Street and offers some of the best Asian fusion food in town. They make their own ramen noodles every day and have an outstanding variety of food on their menu.

Tartine Manufactory

If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, look no further than Tartine Manufactory. The restaurant is located in South Beach and serves up lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. The menu features interesting twists on traditional dishes (such as sourdough pancakes with rhubarb and pecan) as well as unique items made with local ingredients (like duck confit hash). Tartine Manufactory is truly a unique dining experience that you don’t want to miss out on.


Located at 902 Point Lobos Avenue, Cala Restaurant is a fantastic little spot with great wine and an incredible view. It’s perfect for a romantic night out on your own or for that special celebration. The menu isn’t enormous, but there are enough options to make sure everyone will find something they like. And if you’re worried about splurging on a meal out of your budget, don’t worry too much because you can get in cheap (around $30 per person).

Hawker Fare

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, then you should probably be checking out Hawker Fare in Oakland. Its menu consists of comfort foods that are inspired by Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai cuisines. If you enjoy chicken satay or grilled shrimp served with sweet soy sauce and chili lime paste, then Hawker Fare is for you. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of other options on its menu – it also offers a wide selection of noodles and rice dishes that are just as delicious as its meaty offerings. As one of Oakland’s best food restaurants, Hawker Fare continues to gain popularity thanks to its excellent Asian cuisine and relaxed dining experience.

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This restaurant in Mission Bay specializes in seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, and it has won awards for its food, which is prepared with locally sourced ingredients. The atmosphere is light and airy, and the service is also excellent, as are many of Spruce’s dishes, including calamari with pomegranate molasses and grilled octopus salad. If you’re looking for great food, Spruce should be at or near the top of your list of restaurants to try in San Francisco.

State Bird Provisions

This popular restaurant can be found in a historic building in Downtown San Francisco. At State Bird Provisions, you’ll be able to dine with friends or coworkers and indulge in some of their most refined cooking. Not only is their food top-notch, but their service is outstanding as well. If you want to enjoy an upscale night out on San Francisco’s waterfront, then you should definitely give State Bird Provisions a shot!

Tartine Inner Sunset

One of my favorite restaurants in all of San Francisco is Tartine. This French-inspired bakery and restaurant can be found on a side street in Inner Sunset (off Sunset Boulevard). Don’t let its unassuming storefront fool you – it boasts some of the best food I’ve had in San Francisco. As soon as you walk through its doors, you’ll notice two things: The first is that it looks like a bakery more than anything else. Its walls are lined with shelves full of loaves and muffins – all freshly baked from their wood-burning oven.

Lazy Bear

If you want to eat delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than Lazy Bear. As of 2017, it’s regarded as one of the best restaurants in San Francisco, and its popularity continues to grow. With a reputation for serving outstanding California cuisine, you’ll get plenty of flavor on every bite and won’t have to worry about long wait times. It doesn’t hurt that portions are huge here; most dishes come with two sides! You can get away with ordering just one main dish if you want or try several dishes at once without having to pay more. The restaurant prides itself on its excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere, which means they do their best to accommodate special requests.

La Taqueria

If you haven’t been to La Taqueria yet, then there’s no time like now. This incredibly popular spot is known for serving delicious tacos filled with everything from Cabeza (steamed beef head) to lengua (beef tongue). The best part? The prices are low, and portion sizes are huge. For about $5, you can get three tacos and a drink—not bad for one of the best food restaurants in America.

Bottom Line

Choosing restaurants to eat at in a city as big as San Francisco can be difficult. Luckily, there are many options if you want delicious food that is affordable and in line with your dietary needs. Whether you’re vegan, a gluten-free eater, or just enjoy variety, you’ll find something in one of these 10 great food establishments. From hidden gems to well-known locations, there’s sure to be a restaurant on here that suits your taste and budget! This is just a list of 10 best food restaurants in San Francisco; we couldn’t possibly name all of our favorites. Who would you add? And where do you like to eat out when you visit SF? Let us know about it below!

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