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10 Best Pizza Restaurants In Chicago

What are the best pizza restaurants in Chicago? The real answer is that there isn’t one best – just like there isn’t one best restaurant in a city of world-class dining destinations and menus. There are plenty of pizza shops in Chicago, but you need to dig deep to find the hidden gems among them. Here are my top 10 picks for the best pizza restaurants in Chicago…

Burt’s Place

Nestled in a small strip mall near Evanston, Burt’s Place is easy to miss. The spot is charming and serves a unique variety of eclectic pizzas. It’s definitely not your typical Chicago-style pizza. The crust at Burt’s Place is thinner than other Chicago-style restaurants and has a crunchy exterior with a chewy interior. Other ingredients include crumbled sausage, grilled chicken, and even shrimp. Many locals believe that Burt’s Place makes one of the best deep dish pizzas in town; it’s also one of several places where you can get béchamel sauce on your pie—don’t knock it till you try it!

Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s is a Chicago-style pizzeria in downtown Evanston, IL. There are many Chicago pizzerias, but Pequod’s is one of my favorite pizza restaurants in Chicago. They have 2 locations: downtown Evanston and a South Loop location. Both are awesome! Pies from Pequod’s tend to be heavy on cheese, but thin crust (also good for gluten-free diets). I love that you can also order by weight — great for parties or sharing with friends/family. The toppings here are first-rate, and you get pretty much any topping you want (even if it sounds weird). Also, their desserts like cannolis and cake balls are amazing!

Gino’s East

No one can dispute that Chicago is home to some of the best pizza in America, and Gino’s East is one of our most famous examples. This east-side pizzeria offers amazing deep-dish pies, and even better spinach-and-anchovy pizzas. While it’s always busy, you can take advantage of a text-to-order system—and be prepared for a wait on weekend nights. It’s worth it!

Spacca Napoli

​Spacca Napoli is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and has been voted Chicago’s Best Pizzeria by Chicago Magazine. Spacca Napoli was started by a few of us with a dream to bring true Neapolitan pizza to Chicago. We wanted to start with one restaurant, but after trying out our first slice at Spacca Napoli, we knew we had to have more! The key features at Spacca Napoli include their sfincione bread, which comes right out of their wood-burning oven. A lot of people claim it as one of their favorite things on the menu! For our review, we opted for a Margherita pizza made in that very same wood-burning oven.

My Pi Pizza

The massive, juicy slices at My Pi Pizza are a study in balance. The toppings from sausage to black olives to jalapeños—sit atop a crust that is neither cracker-thin nor puffy like Chicago deep dish, but rather closer to thick New York-style pizza. The pie also defies another Chicago pizza standard: It’s cut into squares instead of wedges. This design means you can eat three or four slices in one sitting without your belly making it obvious you’ve overindulged (and I mean that as a compliment).

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Paulie Gee’s

Because of its commitment to high-quality products and personalized service, Paulie Gee’s stands out among Chicago pizzerias. Owner Paul Giannone prepares his own mozzarella and procures cheese from artisanal producers who raise cows on small family farms—which is just one reason why locals say that no matter where you live in Chicago, it’s worth crossing town for a taste of his pizza. As I write these words, Paulie Gee’s has three brick-and-mortar restaurants: Logan Square (2706 N. Milwaukee Ave.), Pilsen (1619 W. 18th St.), and Andersonville (5211 N. Clark St.). Come summer 2017, owner Giannone plans to open a fourth location in Rogers Park at 1376 E.

Lou Malnati’s

This is one of Chicago’s best pizza places. Lou Malnati’s serves some of Chicago’s best deep dishes and thin-crust pizzas. It is a very popular pizza place as well, which means you will have to wait about 15 minutes for a seat at lunchtime or on weekends. It’s worth it though! My favorite thing about Lou Malnati’s is their garlic butter crust, it tastes amazing with their tomato sauce and cheese. If you want to impress your friends who visit Chicago from other states, taking them here for dinner will do just that! Also, be sure to try out their frozen custard; it goes great with a slice of any pizza they serve!

Five Squared

This new pizzeria is a small restaurants, but it’s great for a date or large groups. They are located at Randolph and Ohio, very close to downtown Chicago. Their menu has delicious classic pies (Margherita, marinara), but also sweet pizzas and different types of flatbreads. The service is really good and they have a patio outside where you can enjoy your meal during nice weather. What makes their food really special is that it’s all made from scratch! The dough for their pizzas is made fresh daily, there’s no microwaves insight here. In addition to its charming location, Five Squared offers excellent service and decent prices; I highly recommend trying them out!

Pizzeria Serio

Whether you’re looking for a simple Margherita or are a gourmet pizza buff, Pizzeria Serio is one of my favorite places to grab a slice. Located in Rogers Park on Claremont Avenue, I’ve been going here for years. Their pizzas are always crisp with thin crusts and flavorful toppings—and they also have thin crust pizza-by-the-slice that you can take home and bake in your oven. When it comes to Chicago’s best pizza restaurants, Pizzeria Serio is near the top of my list. If you’re looking for authentic New York-style thin-crust pizza while visiting Chicago—you need to check out Pizzeria Serio!

Bonci Pizzeria

This is a classic Chicago pizza joint, often crowded but worth it. Not only does Bonci serve delicious wood-fired pizzas, but also great pastas and salads. It’s one of my go-to spots whenever I’m in town. Stop by for a Margherita pizza or try out their pepperoni pie; you won’t be disappointed! Get there early to avoid long lines on weekend nights.

Bottom Line

Chicago is filled with endless dining options, but not all are equally awesome. That’s why we’ve picked out 10 of Chicago’s best pizza restaurants places where you can get a good slice of pie for reasonable prices in addition to fast service. If you want to take your taste buds on a trip down deep-dish memory lane, order up at Lou Malnati’s or Giordano’s. Want to explore some regional classics? Try Piece Brewery & Pizzeria or Pequod’s Pizza. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cheese-lover, meat-lover, or veggie lover—the Windy City has lots of pizzerias to choose from!

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