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10 Best Sports in Afghanistan

Best sports in Afghanistan include both traditional sports and modern games that are still growing in popularity across the country. Popular sports played in Afghanistan include soccer, cricket, basketball, volleyball, hockey, taekwondo, swimming, weightlifting, and martial arts. Some of these sports originated in Afghanistan thousands of years ago and have continued to evolve into their modern form, while others were invented or popularized only in the last few decades. Here’s our list of best sports in Afghanistan.


According to Wikipedia, Football is a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with feet and your hands. The game includes modern codes of football, such as association football (known as soccer in some countries), American football, and Canadian football. These codes of football are descended from Rugby football, and Australian rules football is a variant of rugby football played mainly in Australia. Gaelic football is one of four traditional football codes played primarily in Ireland and Scottish Gaelic communities; it is similar to other Celtic-based games like hurling and shinty. Several similar games have developed since then – for example, Australian rules footy which has been played since 1858. It has become very popular over recent years; there are 1 million people playing it each week!


There are a lot of cricket fields and grounds throughout Afghanistan. Due to warm weather and short seasons, it is one of most favorite sports in all over the country. You will see Afghans playing cricket on the streets and along with other sports that I have mentioned here. Every summer, you can find many large Cricket tournaments in Kabul and other cities of our country, but unfortunately, Afghans do not play good cricket. Maybe we need some professional trainings for Afghan Cricketers from other countries. But still being only a few numbers of cricketers, Afghanistan has its own national team too who played under different names; they couldn’t make any big achievements until now because of lack of resources and proper training facilities in our country. But at least their love for cricket made them famous among millions of Afghanis around the world.


This sport, also known as Kokpar, originated centuries ago in Central Asia and is now a national sport of Afghanistan. Like many sports on our list, Buzkashi has a rich history that includes conquering Mongols and invading tribes. The goal of Buzkashi is to seize a goat carcass (the head of which usually weighs about 20 pounds) from each other. Players use anything at their disposal to get control of it—this could include kicking, punching, or slapping others with their knee caps (ouch!). Riders will often pass through terrain that could be considered dangerous and have been known to battle on horseback for over four hours during competitions. 

Each match consists of two teams made up of 10 riders who battle until one side knocks down an opposing player, and they grab hold of his flag while holding onto their goat. Another team member then comes by, grabs hold of both men, and tosses them out like rag dolls, so they don’t win any extra points. It might sound ridiculous, but back in 2001, people came together for competitions that included prizes such as Honda motorcycles and 25 years’ worth of natural gas! You can find additional details about the specific rules here.


The sport’s history dates back to 1895, when Dr. James Naismith developed rules for a game played indoors on a rectangular court. Today, basketball is one of America’s most popular sports. There are plenty of opportunities to play, with school programs and leagues offered by numerous local, regional, and national associations. It’s an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise; Basketball takes place on an indoor or outdoor court with five players per team on either side. A goal is scored if you shoot the ball through a basket after making several passes. A point system decides which team wins at each end of the play: Each team gets two chances to score points within a 24-second span.

Mixed Martial Arts

Initially invented by Olympic Judo champion Helio Gracie, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is considered by many to be one of the most important disciplines to study today. It combines both standing and ground fighting into a relatively safe and extremely effective means of self-defense. An up-and-coming sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), has recently been legalized as an official sport in Nevada. While it remains a controversial issue nationwide, MMA is gaining popularity every day, with millions tuning into events like UFC fights on pay-per-view TV or watching their favorite fighters climb up the ranks through YouTube videos. You can practice MMA in your own home—it’s not for everyone but if you’re looking for excitement and exercise, look no further!

What Makes a Successful Sports Business?

What Makes a Successful Sports Business


In spite of its violent history, there’s nothing more important than a sport in fostering peace. The martial art of taekwondo can trace its origins back to 918 AD, when a Korean military commander named Choi Young recognized that hand-to-hand combat was becoming less effective as a weapon. He developed an unarmed style of fighting and gave it to his army so they could fight with honor instead of just relying on brute strength. Taekwondo teaches people how to defend themselves while earning points for technique and gracefulness; today, it’s practiced all over the world—even by Kim Jong Un himself.


The man’s sport. Boxing is one of the oldest forms of sport, dating back to the 4th century BC. For men and women alike, boxing is an excellent way to get fit and learn how to defend yourself at all times. In addition, it makes for a great social sport! There are a plethora of amateur boxing leagues around Australia for you to join—just search for your local gym online. The most famous boxer from down under is Iron Mike Tyson, who dominated his division from 1986 to 1990 with 27 total wins and no losses. Now that’s scary stuff! While you might not be ready to step into the ring just yet, signing up for some classes will give you insight into how important control is when fighting another person. Becoming aware of different tactics that can be used against you will help prepare you if anything happens on or off the streets.


One of the most popular sports in Afghanistan is bodybuilding. It has been especially popular among young people who have found it useful to develop healthy bodies and minds. Like other sports, it does require some basic equipment and facilities, which can be made at home or bought for a reasonable price. Bodybuilding helps promote physical fitness, which is why so many young men enjoy it so much. Many of them have learned about bodybuilding from mentors who like to spend time with young people teaching them about its benefits; indeed, many of these mentors are former bodybuilders themselves.


Professional wrestling is a form of performance. A highly physical, competitive form of performance, but a performance nonetheless. Like many professional sports, it has grown and changed over time to become more dramatic and theatrical—but it’s still a sport. Wrestling is popular among young people in Afghanistan because it gives them an outlet for their physical aggression and provides an example of heroism. At competitions, wrestlers show their country’s flags or hand-stitched national flags to demonstrate pride. Professional wrestling is not related to American-style pro wrestling. In fact, American professional wrestlers are almost unknown in Afghanistan; there are no leagues or movies here.

Bottom Line

In Afghanistan, there are lots of sports to play. There are a variety of winter games, and there are also a lot of summer games that people play all year round. Summer games include sports like wrestling, kushti, and weightlifting, and winter games include skiing, football, and badminton.

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