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10 Best Sports In The UK

What are the best sports in the UK? It’s no secret that the United Kingdom loves its sport. The country has produced some of the world’s greatest athletes and sports teams, which has led to their interest in all types of athletic endeavors from soccer to rugby to cricket, and much more! If you’re looking for a change of pace from your usual favorite sports or just want to get into something new, consider these 10 best sports in the UK.


An excellent team sport to get you moving and challenging yourself in new ways, netball is a perfect all-around choice. You’ll learn tactics, strategies, and leadership skills while staying fit and active. It has a high fun factor too! There are two teams: one defending with a goal ring, which it needs to defend from the attacking team that tries to score through throwing balls at it. Netball was invented by Ned Holstein in 1891 for women’s physical education classes in New Zealand. Nowadays, it’s played professionally around the world with five players on each side; different countries have varying rules on fouls and so on. If your local sports club or school doesn’t offer it, consider trying out other similar ball games like a basketball instead.

Ice Hockey

Even though there are six different forms of ice hockey played throughout Europe, Scotland’s ice hockey league is one of its most prominent. The sport is a great way to stay active in cold weather; it also makes for a fun activity with friends. Both kids and adults can get in on the action – but parents should note that some areas offer adult-only leagues. Depending on where you live, there may be multiple recreational leagues available. If not, consider joining an elite team or playing in tournaments to up your level of play. No matter what age you are or how much experience you have, ice hockey can be a lot of fun for everyone.


It’s a sport that requires strength, speed, and endurance. It helps improve flexibility, while at the same time increasing your lung capacity. Rowing is a great all-around sport to get involved in, with plenty of opportunities to compete throughout your life. If you’re serious about becoming an elite athlete, it also offers you a solid foundation for other sports like cycling and swimming. Many people think that rowing is just done on water, but in fact, it can be done both on water and dry land! There are various ways you can do it on dry land – using machines or even by pushing yourself up hills (known as ‘road’ rowing). This can be particularly helpful for anyone who lives somewhere where there isn’t enough room for rowing on the water!


There’s not a more British sport than running and jumping. It’s been one of our staples for centuries, from 200-meter sprints to long jump competitions. Athletics is a traditional sport that helps build physical endurance and cardiovascular fitness as well as enhance overall coordination, speed, agility, and movement. Some say it can be traced back as far as Roman times; nowadays, it takes place at all sorts of venues, including football stadiums or along trails in natural parks. You can also try soccer or rugby if you prefer sports with an actual ball (I mean, those are good too).

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While there are a plethora of water sports to participate in across Great Britain, swimming is arguably one of the most popular. Don’t just take our word for it: swimmers have become some of Great Britain’s biggest sporting stars with the recent Olympics. Whether you like to swim competitively or just for leisure (if you’re looking for a new sport to try out), it might be time to consider picking up a pair of goggles and heading down to your local pool. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in but not quite sure where to start, don’t worry—we have some tips on getting started below! The first thing you’ll need is a pair of proper swimming trunks. These days, many pools will allow you to wear street clothes as long as they’re not too loose-fitting; however, more conservative environments require a swimsuit. Luckily, these are relatively inexpensive. You can find reasonably priced trunks at any department store like Target or Walmart, and even many dollar stores carry them nowadays! If you don’t want to spend money right away and can wait until after practice/class…there should always be someone who will lend an extra pair. Some high schools do require all members participating in sports teams to purchase their own set – so ask before purchasing anything if unsure.


Based out of south-east Asia, badminton is one of the most popular sports in many countries, including England. It’s a fast-paced, athletic sport that can be played casually or competitively and also doubles as a great cardiovascular workout. If you are interested in watching live action, check out Wimbledon, which hosts an annual badminton tournament during its summer break (July–August). All you need is your body and a racquet as far as equipment goes. No ball required. Now, if only it were possible to spike your opponent with said racquet… badminton remains a relative rarity on television—you’re more likely to catch it at an athletic facility like Britain’s Wembley Arena rather than at home on pay TV.


If you love to play or watch sports and you’re in England, then you need to check out tennis. Tennis is one of Great Britain’s most popular spectator sports, and millions of people travel from around the world each year to watch Wimbledon, a high-end tennis tournament held every summer. While Wimbledon is more of an elite competition, there are plenty of places for beginners and kids in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and other cities.


Many people associate sport with football (soccer), but rugby is actually a very popular team sport in Britain. Although England has recently been beaten to the top spot by New Zealand in terms of world cup wins, rugby is still a very popular sport in school teams and university clubs. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that rugby is not only played by men; there are many women’s leagues up and down the country, with World Cup tournaments taking place every few years. If you enjoy sports such as football or hockey, then it might be worth giving rugby a try! It’s incredibly fast-paced and competitive – what more could you want? It also makes for an excellent spectator sport if you prefer simply watching rather than playing! Sport, in general, gets us active, so even if you don’t find your ideal team for fun or competition – why not try walking home from work instead of getting on your bike or grabbing public transport? You might be surprised how much better we feel after walking home rather than sitting on public transport all day. Moving around at work can make all the difference – try removing your desk chair too! If nothing else…it will force you to walk more frequently throughout your working day!


Cricket has been one of Britain’s favorite sports for hundreds of years. It’s a summer game that involves a bat and ball, as well as a range of fielders trying to catch or stop it from reaching their area of protection (the wicket). Cricket is a sport for gentlemen that involves time, strategy, and discipline. Its history goes back centuries in Britain, where matches have been played since 1697. However, its widespread popularity only came in 1877 when spectators were first allowed to watch at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. Many countries worldwide now play cricket, with some even competing for cricket’s highest honor: winning The Ashes against Australia.


If you’re an athlete, you know how important it is to keep your body in top shape. So if you’re looking for a sport that keeps your body burning calories while giving you a great full-body workout, football might be perfect for you. Even if your favorite team is out of season, soccer can also be fun to play as a pick-up game among friends (just make sure they don’t take it too seriously or keep score). As an added bonus, research shows that soccer players are some of the fittest people on earth—with their average heart rate between 123 and 170 beats per minute! If that doesn’t convince you to try it out, we don’t know what will.

Bottom Line

With many different sports available in Britain, there is something for every individual. Whether it is your first time or you are an experienced sports player, you will be able to find a sport which suits your lifestyle and one that will improve your fitness levels. For those who want to make a career out of playing their favourite sports, there are plenty of training programs on offer at many of these sports organizations. There are even training opportunities overseas for those wanting to work in management or coaching roles within their chosen sport. As long as you have a passion for any particular type of sport or simply want to get fit, there is no shortage of opportunities available across Britain.

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