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Custom Takeout Boxes

No matter what type of restaurant you own, eco-friendly Custom Takeout Boxes are likely something that you use daily. Suppose you aren’t using the right kind or even looking at your takeouts as anything other than disposable. In that case, it might be holding back not only your business but also the environment.

To ensure that this isn’t happening at your restaurant, let’s look into eco-friendly custom  takeout boxes. Why they are becoming more popular with restaurants everywhere.

Eco Friendly Custom Takeut Boxes vs. Traditional Ones

The main difference between them is how long they last. Most traditional ones are made from paper or plastic. They will only last for a couple of days. Those made from paper can go into the recycling process. But, you cannot recycle plastic ones and will end up in a landfill instead.

In comparison, eco-friendly takeout boxes last much longer because they are usually made from a bio composite material known as PLA. It is a corn based product. It means it will not only degrade faster than other types of packaging, but it’s also compostable. 

This means our beaches and oceans will no longer fill with trash if restaurants begin using this kind of packaging more often. We can also think about how this would affect us every day since most of us have to deal with trash buildup in our neighborhoods.

What Is The Drawback Of Using Them?

While they may be a great alternative for most restaurants, one unexpected drawback is using ecofriendly custom takeout boxes. Because these boxes are made from a different material than traditional ones, it will cost your restaurant more upfront to switch over to them. However, these boxes’ ability to last longer can offset this extra cost. 

Therefore save your business capital in the long run. In addition, many people believe that customers appreciate when a restaurant shows its devotion to being ecofriendly. It means there could be an increase in sales because of this kind of packaging. 

Because this kind of box is usually used daily, it might also save you money by reducing the amount that you usually pay for formal packaging.

Where Can I Get These Boxes?

If you want to start using them at your restaurant but don’t know where to go, make sure to contact a reputable designer. One who offers a wide range of products and boxes made from PLA. It means they can help any business save money while still being ecofriendly. 

Not only will this approach allow your business to stay ahead of the curve in terms of cutting costs. It will also make our oceans and beaches cleaner every time you use these containers instead of standard ones.

Material Used TO Prepare Eco-Friendly Boxes

It is important to choose pleasant products for the environment. Many of us are aware of plastics’ harm to our planet. So it’s no wonder that consumers are more interested in ecofriendly products than pre eco days.

One industry that has made an effort to become more conscious is takeout food or restaurants. Consumers want to feel safe while eating packaged foods. They know their items will not contribute to environmental degradation.

To meet this demand, takeout restaurants have turned toward using biodegradable materials instead of plastics that take thousands of years to degrade. One material used today is PLA (polylactic acid), which originates from corn starch. The material can be a natural plant plastic since there are no petrochemicals.

Another important aspect to consider when eating out at various restaurants is the size of the container itself. The bigger the container, naturally means more trash will produce. Therefore causing more harm to the environment through the generation of CO2. 

Another solution used by takeout restaurants for smaller items like fries or drinks are paper cups or boxes made from recycled material. Paper products are not always “eco friendly.” Since, they take almost two times more energy to produce than plastic materials that take only one-third of the energy for production. 

The process includes extracting wood pulp while leaving behind chemicals in waste water. Compostable packaging may sound friendly. But, compost must avoid environmental harm.

Printing on Eco-Friendly Custom Takeout Boxes

Their printing is possible with all types of print processes, including

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Letterpress

With the right printer, it is even possible to use metallic inks.           

The most important factor when printing on these materials is that they are not coated. The outside paper needs to break down in an industrial composting environment. This means that coatings of Takeout Boxes Wholesale will rub off over time. So you want to avoid it if possible. If you have it, make sure it would work for this application before committing your order. Many companies require proof samples sent before product production begins. So keep it in mind when dealing with suppliers.

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