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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the highest paid jobs in consumer goods are computer and information research scientists and engineers, earning an average of $ 120,070 a year. There are slightly lower aerospace engineers on the pay scale, earning an average of $ 108,980 per year as of May 2015, according to BLS data. For more information on the most lucrative jobs in consumer non-sustainable items, see the list below. The following data has been updated to May 2015.

Research analyst

Analysts review and summarize complex information from a variety of sources. They prepare professional reports, conduct research, evaluate results, and make recommendations to their clients or employers. They collect and organize data from different teams within an organization, contact outside parties for more information, interview managers or executives about performance or issues related to their departmental goals, and all related Synthesize information into a report or presentation.

Analysts can be found in a wide range of companies – financial firms, tech companies, consulting firms – and can earn salaries ranging from $ 41K – 1 111K, depending on industry and level of experience.

Statistical assistants

According to the BLS, the top five highest paying jobs in consumer non-derivatives are all statistical assistants. These professionals earn an average salary of, 68,720 per year and have a heavy academic workload. Before they can formally call themselves statistical assistants, these professionals must become proficient in using certain statistical software programs. Using their expertise, they compile information and provide leadership to the company.

They may also be tasked with training others to use and interpret data from various analytics tools, as well as for making mistakes before compiling the data and converting it into reports for executives or clients. Testing can also be assigned. According to the BLS, the top five highest paying jobs in consumer non-derivatives are all statistical assistants.

Market and survey researchers

As much as it sounds like a spy’s description, market and survey researchers are responsible for conducting basic research. They interview users and use statistical analysis to generate results. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that market research analysts earned an average of $ 80,100 in 2012, while market and survey researchers earned an average of $ 86,000.

The best paying jobs in consumer non-derivatives are basically another way of saying focus groups – like they do at Tan Mum – but only you get paid for your worries!

Market Research Analyst

Analysts prepare and maintain market information for businesses. The best paid jobs in consumer non-derivatives may be market research analysts, who earn an average of 2 102,750 a year. This is far from the average business analyst, who earns an average of $ 71,130 a year.

Analysts who specialize in consumer products and services can expect to earn even more – an average of $ 114,900 per year – but typically require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Many employers prefer their employees to have previous experience working in their respective industries.


For apparel, consumer electronics, appliances and other non-durable consumer goods, these products need to be stored on store shelves. As a Merchandising Manager, you will ensure that all inventory is kept up to date and properly displayed for sale. An associate’s degree may be sufficient for some entry level positions, but for others you will need a bachelor’s degree as well as two years of prior experience. Average salary: $ 85,260 per year.

Domestic economists

Although domestic economists are not as common as dietitians, their average salary is quite high. In 2013, he earned an average annual salary of $ 56,320. Therefore, it seems that there are benefits to being a home economist – from the best paid jobs in the consumer’s unsustainable to reducing stress levels and flexible hours.

But what does a home economist do? It can be helpful to know that many employers describe these professionals as nutritionists for private homes or businesses. Their duties range from meal planning to grocery shopping, cooking and more. But if you want to be one of the best paid jobs in consumer non-derivatives, you may need more than just cooking skills. Most employers seek bachelor’s degrees with majors such as food science or nutrition.

Merchandising managers

People like Mark Niemczyk may be unfamiliar to some people. His work is a bit unpleasant, so let’s break it down. He is responsible for ensuring that grocery stores deliver their products with maximum efficiency from wholesalers, which reduces costs and is an important factor for large corporations that reduce costs. Want to keep

These savings then reach consumers, such as any sales or special deals they can make with other vendors / manufacturers. At 9 129,000 per year (average revenue), merchandising managers seem to have one of the best paying jobs in consumer durables; when you consider how much money is at stake here.

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