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How to Get the Most Relaxed Hair Styling for Your Natural Hair

How do you like to style your relaxed hair? For some, their idea of relaxed hair styling consists of regularly shampooing and conditioning, followed by daily detangling, and ending with some sort of leave-in conditioner or styling cream. If you’re one of those people, you’re definitely doing the right thing! However, if your goal is to have an easy way to style your natural hair without getting it too puffy, this article will give you tips on how to get the most relaxed hair styling for your natural hair.

How does relaxing work?

To give your hair some much-needed break from all of those everyday styling techniques, try adding some scents, like lavender or rosemary, to make it smell awesome. Lavar hair salon- quality hair care products and services for relaxed hair styling. One of our certified stylists can help you find a relaxing style that works best with your natural hair type. While there are a few key things you’ll need to relax your hair at home, we recommend using Lavar exclusively as it has ingredients designed specifically for relaxed styles. For example: Shea butter & vitamin E smooth and soften strands while Moroccan argan oil protects & nourishes them.

Why you should relax your hair?

If you’re looking for a relaxed look without going as far as relaxing your hair, try adding some moisture and texture to your natural hair. You can start by using a styling product like shealoe butter or coconut oil, then style your locks with an old-fashioned hot comb. This will give your natural curls and waves more bounce while still keeping them pretty soft. If you don’t have access to these products, any other moisturizing treatment (such as deep conditioning) will work in place of shealoe butter. For an all-natural option, try adding lavender essential oil to a deep conditioner or henna dye mixture; it’ll smell great and make your scalp tingle while giving you that relaxed feel you’re after!

Where to find relaxing products?

You can buy Lavar hair salon products from a local salon or even online. You may also be able to find products in your grocery store, but make sure you buy natural hair styling products. If possible, ask your stylist about which products will work best for your relaxed hair styling. If you are comfortable enough with your stylist, you can tell them about what works best with your relaxed hair styling and ask their opinion on which kind of product would work best for that style of natural hairstyle.

What does relaxed hair styling cost?

The cost of getting your hair relaxed varies widely based on where you live and who does it. The range is also due in part to how much product you use and how long your hair will be after it’s been relaxed. In general, a standard relaxer costs around $20 per application, which can be applied multiple times over several months or years as needed. To keep up with your new relaxed look, though, you’ll likely need product refreshers like conditioners or styling creams that cost $10-$30 depending on brand and amount used. That means if you get your hair done three times a year for ten years, expect to spend anywhere from $500 – $2,000 during that time period (all told).

Things you should know about relaxed hairstyles

Relaxed hair is a great way to amp up your personality, add some chic to your look, and keep your hair looking great. To give your hair some much-needed break from the daily stress of styling, try adding some scents, like lavender or rosemary, to make it smell awesome. Scent can reduce stress and can help with migraines. Massaging these oils into your scalp as you style will benefit you both mentally and physically as well. You’ll find that not only do these herbs create a relaxing aroma in your relaxed hair style, but they also add a ton of moisture back into all types of relaxed hairstyles!

How relaxed hairstyles are done?

Curly or wavy hair is washed, conditioned, blow-dried, and styled with a curling iron or flat iron. This gives your hair a sleek look that can be kept for days at a time. Regular maintenance of your relaxed hairstyle helps keep it looking great, but you may want to relax your hair every few months so that it doesn’t get out of hand. If you want your relaxed hairstyle to smell awesome, try adding lavender or rosemary essential oils (like Aura Cacia) before flat-ironing and styling. These fragrances will make sure you feel as fresh as you look when stepping out of bed in the morning!


Depending on how active you are, you may want to get your hair styled once or twice a month. If you’re lucky enough to live near a lavar hair salon, try getting your relaxers there! The stylists at LaVar have all sorts of tips and tricks up their sleeves that can help you relax your hair without having to damage it. And if there isn’t a lavar salon near you, check out some relaxation techniques online—the internet is filled with valuable information! In fact, if you want more information about keeping your natural hair relaxed, be sure to check out my other post here: How To Keep Natural Hair Relaxed Without Damaging It.

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