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How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger or driver, one game will get you rolling in laughter on your next ride. All you need is six players seated around a table and one player to start the game, who acts as the bus driver. Here are the rules to this game: One player starts the game by pulling on the rear of another player’s pants (it could be either male or female). The person whose pants were pulled then has to act out what they think might be happening on the bus at that moment in time.

How to play Ride the Bus

This is a game that can be played by six players, who are seated around a table. One player gets to start the game, and the other players have to act out a scene that takes place on the bus. The person who started the game has to act as the bus driver. The driver tells all players where they need to go, and asks each of them if they want food or water. To play Ride The Bus, you will need 6-8 people (the more there are, the more fun it is), an empty water bottle per person, and some dice. 

Everyone sits in a circle around one empty chair placed in its center while they roll two dice once each. Then, starting with number 1 and continuing clockwise, everyone does what their dice tell them: If your dice total 2-4, you must take a drink from your bottle. If your dice total 5 or 7, you must give one from your bottle to someone else (you’re not allowed to keep it for yourself). 

If your dice total 10, you get to decide who drinks when instead of rolling again immediately. Once anyone rolls three fives in a row, he/she becomes the designated driver and has to end his/her turn. The designated driver cannot reroll or exchange any die; after taking another five sips, he/she resumes playing normally by rolling two dice again, which replaces their first turn. Whoever finishes his/her bottle first wins!

The rules for playing Ride the Bus

A player starts by saying, I’m riding on a bus. The next player then has to say, where are you going? The third player must respond with, I don’t know where I am going, but I can tell you where I have been. So far today, (name of second person) called me a…(insult). Then (name of second person) told me he was trying out for his school play… and so on until one or more players mess up and have to take a drink. This continues around until all players have messed up at least once each! 🙂

What does this game teach us?

I learned that to win at Ride The Bus, and you have to act like an actual bus driver. We thought we could just tell a story on stage and act out scenes with our bodies, and we would still be able to win, but it didn’t turn out that way. It was only when we started saying Clearance! and saying things like Move over there, sir! You’re standing in someone else’s seat! That we got somewhere.

Variations of Ride the Bus

Some of you may have played ride the bus before, but don’t be fooled. There are different variations of ride-the-bus that require you to drink a different amount of beers depending on where your part in riding The Bus falls. For example, if your scene is while getting on, then you must drink 3 beers; if it’s while stopping at a red light or stop sign, you must take one beer and drink it upon reaching that location; and if your scene is during time spent driving straight ahead in traffic (as opposed to making turns), then that person must drink 1 beer for every two minutes spent like that! If I can come up with more variations, we can post them here for all of our readers. You’re welcome 🙂

Where did it come from?

Ride The Bus is a drinking game that originated in Australia, but it has become extremely popular around campuses and party scenes in North America and Europe. It’s played by six players who are seated around a table. One player gets to start the game, and all other players have to act out a scene that takes place on the bus. The person who started has to act as the bus driver while their fellow players act out passengers at various stops along a pre-determined route.

A funny story about this popular game

A group of friends and I decided we would have some drinks on a Friday night. We all live in different areas, so we had to meet at a location where everyone could fit comfortably in one house. Once everyone arrived, we introduced a new game that was easy enough to follow, and it didn’t require many supplies or knowledge on how to play it. So now let me explain how you can play Ride The Bus drinking game. Each player has to be in a position: driver sits at the head of the table with arms outstretched and knees up; players seated around a table, each facing opposite direction like they are riding a bus seat-belt fashion. 

Driver starts by saying first stop… indicating which player will start first; other players respond with stop… once driver finishes their sentence. A player who started is given 60 seconds (or however long you decide) to get their scene ready for playing when the driver says Go! As soon as the driver says Go!, the clock begins ticking until the 30-second mark. At 30 second mark, it is time to restate the last point made by the previous rider. This continues until 2 minutes passes and players switch seats with the person on their left. You repeat the sequence from there on… If anyone messes up any part of a process, like forgetting to say stop at the end or restating after 30 seconds rather than 60, then the whole group must take a drink. The first team to make it through the entire alphabet without messing up wins!

How to make drinking games more fun

Overall, Ride The Bus is a classic party game that will provide hours of entertainment for adults. It is an easy-to-learn and fun-to-play drinking game that does not require any special or additional props. To play, you will need a set of playing cards, markers or pens, and paper. You can even use a smartphone if you don’t have other equipment. There are no limits on creativity if you follow basic rules. The rules make it easier for everyone to understand what they should do and thus focus on having fun while playing rather than getting distracted by unnecessary details.. These are just some general guidelines that will help get you started; feel free to adjust them, so they work best for your group.

Bottom Line

There are many other drinking games, but Ride The Bus seems quite original. It can be played by four people, and you need several decks of cards and dice, and you should shuffle all cards (dice) before they are dealt. To start playing, each player chooses one card and passes it down with their left hand so that everyone could see it. Each player gets a drink depending on their card’s good or bad: hearts =1 drink, diamonds=2 drinks, spades=3 drinks, and clubs = 4 drinks.

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