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Research Assistant Jobs

Whether you’re looking to begin your career or hoping to change careers and start working as a research assistant, it’s important to know what qualities potential employers will be looking for in their ideal candidates. If you are qualified, don’t hesitate to apply! Keep reading to learn more about the characteristics of perfect research assistant jobs and how you can become an exceptional candidate.

What Does a Research Assistant Job Do?

In a nutshell, research assistants are responsible for assisting and managing different research processes. Their primary task is to perform research, which may include collecting and organizing data or analyzing materials that other researchers have compiled. They must be able to work with specific scientific methodologies and apply their findings to real-world applications. In many cases, they also help train new researchers and scientists in their field of study. A bachelor’s degree is generally required for most entry-level research assistant or technician positions. This degree should focus on fields such as science or mathematics. 

However, some companies accept applicants who possess a master’s degree in lieu of a bachelor’s degree. To qualify for these jobs, candidates must typically meet one or more of three criteria: educational attainment, professional experience, and training or education programs (for example, internships). Professional expertise is particularly important because research institutes want workers who already have relevant skills to carry out various tasks. Candidates will likely need at least two years’ worth of full-time research experience under their belts before applying.

The Requirements for Research Assistants

Research assistants are entry-level positions that work with a professional in a specific field. The requirements for these positions differ depending on who you’re working for and what they need, but there are some general rules to follow when seeking out research assistant jobs. Research assistants have their job titles based on who they’re helping—scientists will have research assistants, politicians might have campaign researchers, and businesses can hire business research analysts. Though each role is different, some elements are always present in a research assistant job.

How much does a research assistant job earn per year?

Research assistant jobs can be found in any field of study, but they generally focus on science and technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that research assistants earned an average salary of $43,880 per year as of May 2014. Although many companies hire entry-level candidates with a bachelor’s degree to do research for them, earning a master’s degree will greatly increase your chances of landing a top position at a firm or university. In fact, according to BLS estimates, almost half of all research assistants have master’s degrees. The pay rate is slightly higher for these professionals at an average salary of $54,550 per year.

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Education Required for Research Assistants Job

The majority of research assistant jobs do not require a specific educational background. Instead, you will only need a bachelor’s degree or higher and a strong interest in your subject area. Some research assistant positions are available that require experience and/or a specific type of degree; it is important to investigate each job description thoroughly before applying for research assistant jobs. Some research assistants have master’s degrees, while others have doctoral degrees. Generally speaking, as long as you have an undergraduate education in your field and good communication skills, any undergraduate degree will suffice. Research assistants with advanced degrees can find themselves on career tracks toward supervisory roles within their academic department or affiliated corporation.

Ways to Become A Research Assistant

Research assistant jobs are typically open to students who are currently enrolled in college or other post-secondary institutions. The degree you have will not only determine your qualifications for becoming a research assistant, but it will also play a large role in determining how much you’ll be paid for your work as well. A Master’s degree is often necessary, and though a Ph.D. might be required for some positions, many companies will hire a Ph.D. candidate as long as he or she has previous experience working with people from his/her field of study (i.e., business and economics) because he/she is likely more knowledgeable about data collection methods than someone who holds only an undergraduate degree in those fields and no professional experience with them.

Bottom Line

What do research assistant jobs entail? Research assistants provide assistance to various professionals, such as professors and researchers, across multiple industries. In order to secure a research assistant job, you must have your own professional experience. This experience may be through internships, volunteering, or even paid work as a lab assistant. Research assistants will also perform research independently on their own projects, expanding their skills in areas like data analysis and scientific writing.

Research assistants usually work in private industries, hospitals, universities, or private laboratories. Both entry-level and experienced candidates can find research assistant jobs. Although some positions require a bachelor’s degree, many are open to candidates with associate’s degrees or other equivalent qualifications; however, an undergraduate degree is required for some higher-level positions.

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