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Top Property And Real Estate Companies in the USA

There are many property and real estate companies in the USA today, but only a few of them are the best at their jobs, both due to their past experiences and the top-of-the-line services they provide. We’ve compiled a list of the best property and real estate companies in the USA so that you don’t have to look too far to find what you need in terms of buying, selling or renting out property in the USA. Check out our comprehensive list below!


Founded by Dave and Gail Liniger in 1973, RE/MAX is one of America’s most recognizable real estate brands. The company was originally formed as a membership-based discount real estate brokerage with an emphasis on customer service. With more than 100,000 agents around the world, RE/MAX has become synonymous with real estate, financial services and entrepreneurship; more than 300 franchise owners are members of RE/MAX’s million-dollar club.

Century 21

Working with an established brand like Century 21 means that clients are connecting with an international company. In New York, the company has more than 10,000 agents across six continents. Its website provides a wealth of information and research tools for homebuyers and sellers, including global real estate trends, mortgage calculators; financial planning tools; neighborhood information and more. It also offers rental services. Both buyers and sellers benefit from having access to such a vast database of properties worldwide as well as being able to learn about local laws and customs before making any purchase or sale. There are hundreds of real estate companies in every major city in America, but there’s only one Century 21–and it’s available online 24/7.

Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

It is a franchise company that markets real estate services, including residential and commercial sales. Its headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. In December 2013, Keller Williams opened its 8,000th franchise office. As of 2014, it has more than 100 offices in Brazil and Spain as well as offices across Canada and Japan. Keller Williams Realty was founded by Gary Keller in 1983; today, it is one of the largest franchisors of real estate brokerages in North America. The company has also been recognized for its success at training new agents; according to Business Insider’s website CultureMap Austin, around 35% of licensed agents with Keller Williams have less than a year’s experience (as compared to an industry average). Around 70% have less than three years of experience.

Coldwell Banker

With nearly 8,000 independently owned and operated offices worldwide, Coldwell Banker is one of North America’s leading residential real estate companies. From beachside bungalows to ski chalets, home buyers and sellers can find a vast array of properties listed on its website. As well as buying or selling properties, clients can receive free property listings updates by signing up for its newsletters.

ERA Real Estate

Established in 1913, ERA Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm with offices located across California. The company has experienced top-line growth over the last several years and is aiming to double its revenue by 2020 through aggressive marketing and sales initiatives. ERA Real Estate has received awards for industry performance every year since 2000, with revenue per broker exceeding $1 million as of 2011. In addition to commercial and residential properties, ERA Real Estate provides expert guidance on everything from land purchases to new development projects.

Sotheby’s International Realty

A collection of real estate services by one of America’s most respected brands, Sotheby’s International Realty, has been operating for decades and is synonymous with prestige and excellence. Established in 1931 as a division of Sotheby’s auction house, Sotheby’s Real Estate was able to expand thanks to its exclusive focus on premium properties rapidly. Nowadays, it operates independently and remains one of North America’s most prestigious brands for selling elite property, providing buyers with some of the best service available across all property sectors: from land, condominium, townhouses and private homes to commercial real estate such as offices, warehouses and retail stores.

Camden Property Trust

When it comes to property and real estate companies, Camden Property Trust is one of a kind. From its initial public offering in 1994 until now, Camden has grown exponentially and continues to be ranked by Forbes as one of America’s most promising companies. The company aims to create value for its investors through investment in residential and commercial properties around the globe. With its headquarters based out of Houston, Texas, Camden boasts more than 40 years of experience at providing affordable housing solutions for millions across North America. Whether it’s retail stores or housing developments, Camden provides everything from strategic planning to development financing. Its innovative techniques have allowed it to prosper throughout various economic climates and become a high-ranking real estate developer today.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

With a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agent, you know that your RealtorĀ® will always put you and your best interests first. I will help you find the perfect home for your family and make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of buying or selling your home. Your agent can walk you through each step of purchasing or selling a home, including finding an appropriate listing price, negotiating with potential buyers or sellers, coordinating inspections, working with lenders to secure mortgages and more. Find a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Agent today!

Zillow started as a real estate database, tracking home values and market trends in order to support home buyers with information about homes for sale. Over time, the site has evolved into one of the most popular online real estate services, offering tools and resources that empower people across all stages of their home-buying journey. Its focus on user experience is evident throughout its website and mobile apps, where all of Zillow’s products come together into one dashboard-like interface. They offer a simple, streamlined way to view available homes on multiple websites. Once you find something that piques your interest, Zillow can point you toward agents who specialize in each area or even introduce you to sellers’ agents if you want to get more involved.

Bottom Line

When it comes to buying property, an agent is essential. It’s not always a pleasant experience, but you must have an agent looking out for your best interests. How else are you going to know if your money is being spent wisely or if you’re getting ripped off? It’s easy to get confused by real estate jargon, real estate companies and anything that isn’t exactly straightforward information. That’s why hiring a professional agent is important – because they’ll keep everything straight and make sure that you don’t waste any time worrying about something that shouldn’t matter. No one wants to buy a bad house, so hire professionals who know what they’re doing and can handle it for you. This way, everyone is happy when it comes time to sign on that dotted line!

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