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Vice News Jobs

Vice News Jobs offers the opportunity to work in journalism and have an impact on some of the most significant stories of our time, including the recent conflict in Syria, the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, and the legalization of marijuana throughout North America. The Vice News team has earned more than thirty Emmy nominations, one Peabody Award, three Webby Awards, two Edward R. Murrow Awards, and many others. Yet, despite this success (or maybe because of it), many applicants are hesitant to apply for open positions with Vice News Jobs. What’s it really like to work at Vice? Is it actually as crazy as you’ve heard?

The Good

Vice is a huge company with thousands of employees, so you get a lot of perks and support. Vice provides each employee an amazing benefits package. You’ll get a free gym membership, free food, excellent vacation time, etc. The pay is also pretty good — most people make $50-$70K depending on experience. Additionally, I was happy to learn that Vice has an awesome parental leave policy: expectant parents will get 12 weeks paid leave followed by eight weeks of unpaid leave. Vice also offers 24-month contracts, after which you can re-apply for another position within the company (or quit). They even have what they call 30-Day Guarantees, where if at any point in your first 30 days you realize that working there isn’t what you wanted, they give you enough money to cover your remaining month.

The Bad

Vice is a challenging, fast-paced and sometimes downright insane place to work. It’s not uncommon for employees to stay up until 3 am in an urgent bid to send out a story or break the news before the deadline. Some say that Vice feels like being in some sort of cult where people are told what they can and cannot do. Employees aren’t exactly treated as equals—you have a lot of freedom, but ultimately you follow orders from on high (the CEO). You’re encouraged to speak your mind, but if you don’t fit into their high-energy, wild lifestyle, then you won’t last long; there are many talented employees who Vice fired because they were unable or unwilling to play ball.

Why is Vice So Controversial?

Founded in 1994 as a punk magazine, Vice has gained prominence in recent years with its music, fashion, and news coverage. But there’s controversy too: while much of its content is fascinating, some of it is also tone-deaf at best and downright offensive at worst. We wanted to find out why Vice ruffles so many feathers, so we reached out to people who have experience working there. Nowadays, those folks are Vice contributors – but back when they were just editors and writers looking for that next gig or publication opportunity – they told us about their experiences.

How Can You Get A Job At Vice?

When Vice burst onto American cable television in 2013, its bold, irreverent style made a huge impact. Today, with popular shows and events around the world and 15 international bureaus, Vice is a veritable empire of provocative news and features. But how do you actually get hired by an empire? Well, that’s not so easy. We contacted current employees of Vice on all sides—including editors, executives, webmasters and designers—to get their insight into what they look for in new hires. Prepare yourself: if you want to join a cutting-edge media company with a no fucks given attitude, then read on!

Vice Job Interview Questions

Many people view Vice as a unique experience, but some vice job interview questions come with uniqueness. Here are some common questions and answers that you may find in a typical Vice job interview. Ask yourself these questions if you think your response will show any passion or awareness of why Vice is an interesting company. Keep in mind that being unique doesn’t mean you have to be different, but just having a strong stance on what you do and don’t believe in terms of values can make all of the difference. 

Here are some sample questions that you might get asked at a Vice interview: 

Tell me about yourself? There is no perfect answer to any question at an interview. Having said that, be honest without sounding generic; tell them about your personal interests and emphasize anything relevant (e.g., skills) related to the position. Why do you want to work here? This is arguably one of their favorite vice job interview questions because they want to see if you know anything about them or how they operate within their industry. Listing what you’ve heard through news sources or online doesn’t count. 

Have real reasons why you think working there would help further your goals. Are you willing to travel/relocate for work? Be prepared with a realistic number of miles/hours weekly and monthly that won’t affect other areas of your life negatively. If all else fails, always say yes – just make sure there are other options in case your current employer can’t fulfill those expectations. Do you have any questions for us? You should ALWAYS have a few vice job interview questions ready! 

Never go into an interview unprepared!

Some examples are: 

How did you get started in Vice? It’s a great way to gauge whether or not they are considering candidates with similar backgrounds as them. It may be a good sign that they don’t think diversity is a big deal if they aren’t. If they are, see if you can find out if there is any kind of mentorship opportunities for people who are new to their field. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Ask about their professional growth within Vice and where others have gone from various positions. It will help give you an idea of how fast your career may progress within that environment as well as what long-term goals might look like (if any). 

Can I ask a few questions about my compensation package prior to accepting your offer? This is one vice job interview question that every candidate should prepare ahead of time. You should know exactly what type of compensation you expect before even setting foot into your interview so that when they inevitably ask, you’ll be ready to negotiate right off the bat. Offer them salary expectations, bonuses/incentives, stock options or whatever else may apply – just make sure it’s appropriate depending on how far along in their process you’ve come by asking.

Where Can I Learn More About Vice Media?

There are a ton of resources online that discuss Vice Media. If you’re curious about what it’s like to work there, check out a job review or search any news articles written about them recently. VICE has also compiled some fun facts on their careers page; they discuss what a typical day looks like, what people in different roles do and where people typically live.


According to Vice, those who have worked at Vice have called working there an experience of a lifetime. They call it unpredictable and say that they are prepared for anything. People who would be great fits are risk-takers, hard workers, innovative, and in general, just great people who can laugh at themselves. VICE has no dress code, so you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. The only thing that is important is your ability to help them tell a story and produce something that they are proud of. 

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