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What to Get a Country Boy for Valentine's Day

If you have a country boy in your life that you’re looking to get something special for this Valentine’s Day, then look no further than our list of suggestions below! It might not be easy to find the perfect gift, but we’re here to help!

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5 Awesome Gifts for the Country Boy in Your Life

To some, Valentine’s Day is just another day of romance, and to others, it’s an excuse to eat chocolate and buy gifts. If you fall into that latter category, and you have a country boy in your life, we can help with that last part. There are some very specific things guys like us want as Valentine’s gifts, and if you listen closely – or read on – you might find yourself getting lucky after all. 

1. A Bottle of Whiskey/Wine: Wine and whiskey don’t get much better than what comes out of San Francisco, California, but they don’t call us The City by The Bay for nothing. Pinot noir from Sonoma County is pretty good, too; there are plenty of wine regions here at home where you can pick up something delicious without breaking the bank. And when it comes to whiskey, there’s only one thing we love more than drinking great whiskey – buying great whiskey for people who enjoy drinking great whiskey! 

2. Men’s Grooming Gift Set: Anyone will appreciate nice smelling soap, lotion, and body wash … right? It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them how amazing they smell or look (or they smell terrible), men never believe you anyway – so why not make their bathroom a little nicer? Having nice toiletries feels good, even if someone else bought them. 

3. Leather Belt Buckle & Cord Bracelet: Guys are all about being authentic these days; whether it’s food or clothes (or making fire), we’re trying to bring simplicity back into our lives. Wearing leather accessories makes everything feel authentic. Bonus points if you manage to pick one that makes him feel warm inside and reminds him of his grandparents’ ranch house in Montana. 

4. Gifts That Cook: Time-crunched city folk needs ready-made options too! Everyone likes to be appreciated, but time-pressed boyfriends particularly relish easy homemade meals made especially for them. Pair any simple recipe with a bottle of wine or craft beer, and your man will forever think fondly of you each time he eats it (even though he could probably throw together such a meal himself). 

5. Valentines Day Cards: They say showing you care means more than saying it, and nobody says anything sweeter than words of Valentine’s Day love. Pick up a few heart cards for your cowboy and show him you care. He’ll appreciate such a thoughtful gift every year. For added authenticity, enclose handwritten notes along with each card reading I Love You More Than (fill in the blank). Fill in with whatever you think best suits both of you. Try writing I Love You More Than Your Dog, or I Love You More Than Beer, or I Love You More Than Your Grandma’s Pie. Depending on how deep your feelings run, go wild. He’ll love it.

Happy Valentines Day Friendship, Where’s the Love?

Happy Valentines Day Friendship

Best Gifts Under $25

A candle is always a safe bet when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. A candle with masculine scents like sandalwood or musk will leave your country boy smelling great while also making him think of you. Scented candles can be found online, in specialty stores, and big-box retailers nationwide. Don’t worry if your giftee doesn’t have his own home yet—this is still an option! Guys who live on their own (or are constantly living out of hotels) often keep individual candles in their bedrooms or bathrooms for use after showering, making them perfect bedroom decor and thoughtful gifts. The best part? Candles come in all price ranges, so you don’t need to spend more than $25 on yours!

Best Gifts For The Unemployed

Before Valentine’s Day arrives, you should be thinking about what you’re going to get your significant other. If he or she is unemployed, don’t sweat it; we have compiled some of our favorite gifts that will please any country boy or girl who is out of work right now. We guarantee your gift won’t go unnoticed, from homemade goodies to fantastic gift baskets that can be delivered straight to their front door! Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of wine and ask him or her to go on a romantic walk around town. You may even want to write him or her a love note as well as include flowers in with your gift, so they have something pretty in hand when they find out just how thoughtful you are.

If You Don’t Know Their Size?

When it comes to country boys, sometimes you have no idea what their size is. When you don’t know your country boy’s size, the first thing that you can do is go with a gift card. If your country boy likes clothes, then you could get him something nice from his favorite store. You could even make an event out of it and take him shopping together so he can pick out something he really likes. If your guy isn’t much of a clothes person, then there are tons of things that will suit his needs as well as be perfect for any rural home that just needs some sprucing up. With so many things available, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something no matter what kind of taste your guy has or how elaborate or simple his tastes are.

Bottom Line

Although most men feel that Valentine’s Day is just another day, you can always find ways to make them feel special. Buy your country boy that special gift or give him something homemade! Showing him how much you care on Valentine’s Day is one of the best gifts you can give. On Valentine’s day, all boys want is love, chocolate, and something handmade by their loved ones. Here are some ideas of things to get your country boyfriend. Make sure you include his name when writing:

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