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What to Wear to a Baseball Game

If you’re heading to the baseball game and want to look your best, it’s important to know what to wear to a baseball game, especially if you want to look like you belong there! Baseball is serious business, and even though you won’t be on the field, that doesn’t mean that dressing too casually or improperly will win you any points. To make sure you look like an expert spectator instead of like an out-of-place fan, keep reading below to discover the essentials of what to wear to a baseball game!

Baseball Hat

Because baseball is America’s pastime, wear an appropriate hat. Just because it’s not all that sunny doesn’t mean you should put down your hat. Think of your head as just another part of your uniform, and protect it from an injury like any other player on the field. Wear a high-quality cap with no holes in it, and make sure it has been cleaned recently, so you don’t end up smelling like you play for an amateur league. Your baseball cap isn’t just about protecting yourself from UV rays or cold winds—it can also be one way that you show support for your team! Wearing a home or away hat at the game will let everyone know which team you are rooting for; maybe they’ll cheer louder when someone on your favorite team hits a double in support.

Comfortable Shoes

Going to a baseball game means you’ll be on your feet for hours. We suggest dressing comfortably, and that includes wearing shoes that are also comfortable. Sneakers or flip-flops are ideal because they provide cushioning and give your feet some much-needed breathing room. It’s easy enough to switch into something more formal after you’ve arrived at your seat, so wear whatever makes your feet feel good during game time.

Dressy Clothes but Not Too Dressy

Here’s an example of how you can dress for an MLB game without being overly formal. If you’re going to a Red Sox game on Yawkey Way, you might want to wear khakis or jeans with a button-down shirt and maybe even some boat shoes. If you’re at Yankee Stadium, it might be more appropriate to wear slacks and a polo shirt. It all depends on how dressy is defined in your mind. Basically, keep in mind that baseball games have become much more casual over time, so don’t feel like you have to get too fancy when dressing for a game.

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential if you’re going to be in attendance for an entire game, so make sure you have a sturdy water bottle on hand. If you’re trying to avoid all contact with plastic, try stainless steel instead – it won’t break down over time and can help keep your water cold. Bottles like Lifefactory are easy to clean and come in fun colors or patterns. You might also want to consider including something like Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Natural Finish SPF 30 Primer With Green Tea Extract as well – it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays while keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Cash for Concessions and Souvenirs

The Money Bags-If you’re going all out, you might as well know what your investment is going towards. Concessions and souvenirs can easily run up $20 or more, depending on how many games you attend per season. At a minimum, bring enough cash for at least one round of concessions and one fan-favorite souvenir (the ones you can’t find anywhere else). The more money that goes into buying souvenirs, the less available it is for another spending – but if you don’t buy something unique or game-specific, your trip won’t be complete.

Baseball Jersey, Hoodie, and Sweatpants

Pick up an official jersey from your favorite team. If you live in or have visited one of those cities, that’s even better. If not, don’t worry—no one will be looking at how expertly sewn it is (though it should fit right if you do buy an authentic one). The hoodie and sweatpants combo is like wearing comfortable jammies while going on a road trip with some friends (or, in my case, like wearing Spider-Man pajamas while watching sports). This one is optional but very preferred if you’re cozying up at home watching on TV.

Bottom Line

It’s official. If you’re like most fans, you’ve already picked out your favorite team and are starting to plan your schedule around big games. Whether it’s a road trip, tailgate party, or backyard barbecue, one thing is for sure – your outfit will play an important role in making sure you enjoy yourself no matter where you are. So whether you need help figuring out what to wear during pre-game festivities or want some suggestions for outfits on game day (you do have tickets, right?), we have all the tips and tricks that will have everyone talking about how stylish (and knowledgeable) of a fan you are.

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